Recruiting Tools: Instagram


Everybody looking for a job should read this article.


Recruiting Tools:  Instagram

Recently, I did an experiment on Instagram to find out its potential as a recruiting tool. The test revealed that encouraging your Instagram followers to consider working for your company can do two important things:

Increase the likelihood of a candidate applying to your job.

Get an otherwise passive candidate to check out your jobs.
Given 70% of the people following your company on LinkedIn are interested in working for you, imagine what you could do if you used Instagram to drive passionate fans of your company to check out your LinkedIn page and job postings.

Get started: Feature jobs visually on Instagram
If you’re looking for a free and easy way to drive some eyeballs to your job postings, take a walk down the hallway and have a friendly chat with your social media manager. If you can work out a plan with the person in…

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Anger Management: how much can you control yourself ? Take this test !



Can You Pass This Anger Management Test?

I once worked with a guy who had serious anger problems at work. Most of the time, he was a bit like that Looney Tunes cartoon character,

Yosemite Sam, mumbling under his breath so that you could only catch every third word or so. But then — just like Sam — sometimes he’d explode into a tirade, yelling and swearing, and would storm out of the office, leaving the rest of us wondering when or if he would return.

And, of course, he was most likely to explode when we were all working on a tight deadline.

Everyone gets angry from time to time; that’s normal and healthy. What isn’t normal or healthy is when anger takes over and you feel angry more often than not.

Often, as with my coworker Yosemite Sam, an angry outburst is predicated by a number of other…

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Soda Stereo: historia de la banda de rock & pop de habla hispana más famosa


Beautiful song and story.


Programa: Historias Verdaderas
Canal: E! (Entertainment)
Fecha: 30 de Octubre de 2007

Soda Stereo (banda de rock & pop Agentina)

Historias Verdaderas regresa para contar las memorias de la banda de rock en español más exitosa de todos los tiempos: Soda Stereo, que tras 10 años de separación, vuelve a los escenarios con una gira llamada “Me verás volver” que se inicia en Argentina para luego visitar países como Chile, Perú, Venezuela, Estados Unidos, México, Ecuador, Colombia, entre otros.

El inicio de Soda Stereo fue en los años 80, cuando tocaban en pequeños bares de Argentina, pero rápidamente sus fanáticos se multiplicaron por todo el continente. La fama crecía y los millones se multiplicaban. En público, se alejaron de los escándalos, sin embargo en la intimidad, la realidad era otra, pues transitaron momentos de euforia con éxitos y tragedias, pero con los años, la convivencia se tornó insostenible. Luchas de…

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How do people spend time online ?


To Re-think about your habits.


How Do People Spend Their Time Online? [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Shea Bennett

Did you know that social networking is now the most popular online activity, with users spending more than one fifth (22 percent) of their time engaging on channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest?

When you consider that the global online population now exceeds two billion, and that the average U.S. internet user spends 32 hours online each and every month, that’s a lot of time devoted to tweets, Likes and pins.

Indeed, more than 250 million tweets and 800 million Facebook status updates are now made every single day. And it’s not always for a good cause – 56 percent of social networking users have admitted to using these platforms to spy on their partners.

This infographic takes a closer look at how people spend their time online.

(Source: Clock image via Shutterstock.)

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3D food printer, look at this gadget !


It makes cooking easier and funnier!!!


The first 3D food printer kitchen appliance creating fresh savory and sweet dishes. Foodini – changing the way the world prepares food.

Foodini is the first 3D food printer to print all types of real, fresh, nutritious foods, from savory to sweet. Designed for home and professional kitchens, Foodini comes with empty food capsules. You prepare and place fresh, real ingredients in Foodini. No fake food. No being forced to buy pre-filled food capsules. Made with fresh ingredients, this is real food… 3D printed.

About this project

 NEW ADDED FEATURE: built-in 3D scanner. Now included in Foodini!

We are really excited to announce that Foodini will ship with built-in 3D scanner hardware. We’ve been working with our partners for quite some time to have this hardware installed in the first shipping units of Foodini, and today we can confirm that it will definitely be included.

With a built-in 3D…

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Stars without make-up. ESL/ELT activity: Writing, Speaking & Vocabulary – Physical Descriptions & Appearance – all levels



ESL/ELT:  Writing, Speaking & Vocabulary

1- This activity can be adapted from Beginners to Advanced levels. Use a monolingual dictionary (English-English) and /or a Photo-Dicitionary to prepare this vocabulary:  hair styles, hair colour, hair length (dyed hair, blonde, fair hair, shoulder-lenght-hair, pony-tail, prats, straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, etc).

Parts of the face:  Nose (piggy nose, straight nose, bend, nose strills, etc), Eyebrows, eyelashes, chin, double chin, neck, ears, spots, teeth, lips, mouth, cheeks, eyes, eye-lids, forehead, etc.

Make-up: eye-shadow, blush, lipstick, balm, mascara, teeth whitener, etc

Features: Wrinkles, dark circles, bags, crow feet, lines, etc.  

Clothes & Accesories: scarf, hat, cap, blouse, shirt, T-shirt, necklace, ear-rings, bracelet, turtle neck, polo neck, etc.

2- Speaking. Individual activity, in pairs or small groups. Using that vocabulary describe 3 people of the photos below.  This activity can be adapted from Beginners to Advanced levels.

3- Writing.  Using that vocabulary describe 3…

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